Restaurant & Menu Consulting

Menu Consulting

My makeover of your menu will make you more money. You’ll sell more food.

‘Nuff said.

Chances are you’ve got your menu set up wrong. Or not as good as it should be.

My experience in the culinary field and my role as restaurant critic and columnist has allowed me the opportunity to review hundreds of menus, and I constantly come across spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and confusing terms that leave the customer wondering what the dish entails – one restaurant had 5 different terms for mashed potatoes!

I use my critical skills to keep your menu streamlined and user-friendly, yet intriguing and informative. I also know industry secrets such as where to place items that are guaranteed to sell, how to tantalize your taste buds by using certain words, etc. and ways to blow the competition out of the water.

I am available for menu development, proofreading  & design. My years of expertise will help you and your restaurant set itself apart from the rest.

Restaurant Consulting

I have clocked thousands of hours in restaurant seats, looking at menus, assessing the decor and flow of a restaurant and as you imagine, everything that goes into a restaurant – service, ambiance, food selections and choices.

Who better to help you not only stay competitive but keep AHEAD of the crowd? I know what’s trending and what’s about to happen. I can tell you in an instant whether you should still be considering putting sliders on your menu or if offering only two salad choices is a good idea.

I have seen first hand what makes a restaurant a success – and I can provide you with easy-to-follow- steps to take your restaurant there.

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