What makes me stand out from the crowd:

I live and breathe restaurants

Unlike most outlets in the city, I’m not covering an assortment of topics - politics, real estate, sports, auto, etc. Instead, I’m focused on one thing: restaurants. And everything connected to it - food, wine, chefs, bars, cafes, hotels, news and events. You want food and chefs 24/7? I’ve got it.

INFLUENCE, not Influencer

A leader in the industry for years, I focus on quality content and going beyond just top 10 lists and covering the same ten establishments, restaurateurs and chefs.

Smart, engaging content

Because content still matters.

Because there’s a glut of info and not enough time to read it all.

Because there’s more to life than Top 10 lists.

Because it’s not enough just to post a pic - there’s more to the story. And I deliver it straight to your screen. 

Your one-stop food(ie) destination has arrived. Expect in-depth features on restaurants and restaurateurs, hoteliers and bartenders and so much more. There’s profiles and interviews with top chefs + celebrities (Daniel Boulud, Curtis Stone, Meghan Markle!), full coverage of events across the GTA, and the must-read Open/Closed every Thursday.

You don’t want to miss a second of it. 

I bring you the latest restaurants, news and events, bigger and better than anyone else in the city. You’ll see. Follow my Toronto Restaurants on Instagram and Facebook and sign up for the weekly newsletter, delivered to your inbox every Tuesday. .