What makes me stand out from the crowd:

I live and breathe restaurants

Unlike most outlets in the city, I’m not covering an assortment of topics - politics, real estate, sports, auto, etc. Instead, I’m focused on one thing: restaurants. And everything connected to it - food, wine, chefs, bars, cafes, hotels, news and events. You want food and chefs 24/7? I’ve got it.

INFLUENCE, not Influencer

A leader in the industry for years, I focus on quality content and going beyond just top 10 lists and covering the same ten establishments, restaurateurs and chefs.

Smart, engaging content

Because content still matters.

Because there’s a glut of info and not enough time to read it all.

Because there’s more to life than Top 10 lists.

Because it’s not enough just to post a pic - there’s more to the story. And I deliver it straight to your phone. 

Your one-stop food(ie) destination has arrived. Expect in-depth features on restaurants and restaurateurs, hoteliers and bartenders and so much more. There’s profiles and interviews with top chefs + celebrities (Daniel Boulud, Curtis Stone, Meghan Markle!), full coverage of events across the GTA, and the must-read Open/Closed every Thursday.

You don’t want to miss a second of it. 

I bring you the latest restaurants, news and events, bigger and better than anyone else in the city. You’ll see. Follow my @toronto_restaurants on Instagram and Facebook and sign up to receive the weekly newsletter.