An industry expert covering the Toronto food + restaurant scene for over a decade.

I'm passionate about food and restaurants.

In addition to daily articles and features, profiling top chefs and interviewing celebs, as editor and feature writer for Dine.TO,  YP Dine, and now Toronto Restaurants,  my Open/Closed column is a must-read every Thursday morning for the newest openings, and latest news + events. 

Former positions include restaurant critic for Dine.TO and the only Toronto restaurant critic for Metro Newspaper,  in print and online every Tuesday, and run in Metro US papers. Other food and restaurant features and columns over the last two decades include The Dinner Guest and Travel Columns for Poetry of Food in NYC.

My book , The 30-Second Commute: A Non-Fiction Comedy About Writing & Working from Home, features juicy, behind-the-scenes tales about restaurants.