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Toronto Restaurants is a magazine for modern day living - a digital magazine that lives entirely online, here on this website and across social.

Because it’s 2019. And as much as I love print and hard copy, it just doesn’t make sense for how frequently I publish - almost daily.

Also, you’re on the phone ALL. THE. TIME, so why not check out the latest resto news while you’re adding a filter to Insta and “window shopping” (adds to cart) online.

Being an editor and columnist at various magazines and newspapers for +15 years (and the daughter of a longtime newspaper man), I still love the structure and layout of a magazine.

So go ahead and read Toronto Restaurants as you would your favourite magazine and look forward to regular sections and features:

The Latest News

Breaking news, daily news and events on the regular.


My weekly Open/Closed is THE most comprehensive list of restaurant openings and closures in the city. While diners use it to help choose their next destination and keep up-to-date on what’s happening, it’s also widely used by professionals including industry folk, real estate agents, recruiters, staffing agencies, and sales teams. Watch for it every Thursday.

The Reveal

This regular series delivers an in-depth inside look at the city’s newest openings, complete with menu items, prices, and album of photos.

At The Table

An ongoing series of interviews with top chefs and celebrities about what they’re eating and cooking. Some favourites include Meghan Markle, Curtis Stone, and Kathleen Roberston.

At The Pass

My monthly series showcasing Toronto’s best chefs. You won’t find any celebrity chefs featured here. Perhaps you already know these fine cooks, but maybe not. They’re not famous - yet. But it’s time these talented, passionate, hard-working chefs got a bit of the spotlight.

The Arrival

A bi-weekly series covering the latest spots in a quick read format. Because you’ve got things to do.

Toronto Restaurants Ultimate Cocktail Guide

An ongoing series for cocktail lovers from home bartenders to industry pros. Learn everything from home bar cart essentials to the latest mixology trends.

The Feed

In between the frenzy of openings and closings, a slew of unique news stories often go unnoticed. They may not make the headlines, but they’re fascinating nonetheless. Hence, a monthly roundup of resto news you likely won’t read elsewhere.

The Dish

Tired of unreliable, ridiculous “Top 10” and “Best Of” lists, I wanted to showcase interesting dishes that were popping up across establishments across the city. Complete with pricing.

A fairly regular feature.

The Spotlight

Ever notice how certain dishes and drinks crop up all of a sudden?

It starts out innocently enough - an item pops up here and there on seemingly dissimilar menus. Then out of nowhere it, scads of items you’ve never heard of (cheese tea, Japanese soufflé pancakes), and dishes you haven’t thought about in years (tater tots, devilled eggs), suddenly require your immediate attention. 

In my series The Spotlight, I highlight a dish or ingredient that’s currently taking over the city.

Lunch Revolution

Lunch is often a dull, uninspired means of sustaining you throughout the day until the real hero meal arrives: dinner. And as much as chains keep trying to entice us with their healthy bowls and protein-packed boxes, (1 out of 10 are actually enticing), lunch, especially during the workweek, is usually fine. Okay. Not bad. But by no means memorable.

I’m setting out to change all that with my new series, Lunch Revolution.

The regular feature will showcase an eatery or menu item that actually rocks. And it won’t set you back 30 bucks either.

Lost, Found & Overheard

A quirky series that’s just for fun. Do you have something you’ve lost, found or overheard? Let me know.


Stay tuned - more being added soon!

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