From the book jacket:

From the pitfalls of being your own boss and having to meet the FedEx guy in your pyjamas, to trying to get editors to answer your emails, to what it’s like having five courses of duck in one say, Stephanie Dickison’s story of working from home full-time is a laugh-out-loud peek into the life of the self-proclaimed “luckiest girl in the world.”

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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING (from the cover):

“This is for anyone who’s ever wondered what we freelance writers do all day.  Stephanie Dickison airs all our dirty laundry - from the crazy hours to the procrastination temptation to the seemingly impossible juggle of assignments, finances, and personal life.  Reading this hilarious book is like picking the brain of a cherished writing mentor - one who makes you snort your latte out of your nose.”

  • Michelle Goodman, author of My So-Called Freelance Life and The Anti 9-to-5-Guide

“I loved reading The 30-Second Commute immensely.  This book is timeless and has monstrous personality.  Stephanie’s confidence and commitment to her art quickly walks off the pages and directly into your heart.  As a songwriter I relate to her, as a musician, I’ve learned from her, and as a woman I appreciate her.  It’s fun and feisty, yet charismatic and classy.”

  • Jully Black, Juno Award-winning R&B singer/songwriter

“You’ll find yourself falling in love with Stephanie and the life she’s leading - and you’ll learn what full-time freelancing is all about.  The 30-Second Commute is a delight to read.”

  • Jeff Reich, Editor of The Writer magazine

“Stephanie Dickison is a smart, funny writer with a keen eye for detail.  The secret pleasure of this book is that it’s not just about working from home, but so much more: family, writing, music, the Internet, celebrities, wine, and good food.  Though she may only have a 30-second commute, Stephanie’s lively intelligence ranges far and wide.”

- Geoff Schmidt, author of Write Your Heart Out: Advice from the Moon Winx Motel

“A delightful snapshot of the life of a writer.  Stephanie draws the reader into the day-to-day life of a modern, soon-to-be-famous scribe, and along the way captures, in refreshing detail, her love for, and fascination with, the music business, the restaurant business, and the vibrant streets of Toronto.  The 30-Second Commute is an opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes for awhile and enjoy a life being lived, in the company of its witty and engaging narrator.”

  • Steve Prentice, author of Cool Time: A Hands-On Plan for Managing Work and Balancing Time

“Honest, insightful and a lot of fun.  Stephanie has that rare ability to make reading The 30-Second Commute feel like having a great lunch with agood friend.”

  • John McFetridge, author of Dirty Sweet and Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

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Scene Magazine:

“Relentless job-chasing.  Playing cat and mouse with editors.  A mountain of items of every kind waiting to be reviewed.  Lost interviews due to recording devices that fail to record.  Multiple hours spent researching.  Being required to maintain extraordinary motivation.  Paid upon publication.  This is the storied life of Toronto-based journalist Stephanie Dickison, who, despite an unpredictable, always hectic schedule, considers herself to be the luckiest girl in the world.  Three years ago Dickison left the security of an office job to take on freelance writing full-time.  Her journey thus far is chronicled in her candid first book, The 30-Second Commute: A Non-Fiction About Writing and Working From Home.  The result is part awe-inspiring, part cautionary tale of what comprises a day in the life of a committed writer.  Those who fantasize romantically about fleeing the rat race to spend their days writing, thinking and being creative would do well to read Dickison’s words of wit and wisdom.  “[This] ain’t no way to live,” she writes.  “Just look at what it did to Spalding Gray, Ernest Hemingway and Sylvia Plath.”  Many chapters are devoted to Dickison’s two main passions: food and music, and her adventures in the extensive reviewing of these subjects (complete with diversion into wine reviewing).  She offers no easy answers or do-it-yourself tips but rather unabashedly states what works for her and what doesn’t.  Good-natured incredulousness about her career choice is balanced with ample reassurances that there is nothing else she would rather be doing.  Readers are likely to find this book to be as rewarding as Dickison clearly considers her job to be.  Delightfully impossible to put down.” - Amie Ronald-Morgan

Green Lifestyle Magazine:

"What I thought would be a commentary about the trials, tribulations, or triumphs of working from home instead revealed itself to be a smart and funny look into the everyday life of Stephanie Dickison, journalist, essayist, and restaurant reviewer.

As a professional writer who can also claim a decade of experience with The 30 Second Commute, I commend Stephanie’s astute insight into the pitfalls and self-defeating patterns writers encounter when they face the blank page, tangle with unprofessional editors, face looming deadlines, and lose the electronic or technical battles that wipe out a finished story or an exceptional interview. Stephanie delivers such stories with charm and self-deprecating wit.

As a child Stephanie was sensitive and fearful, easily brought to tears or hysteria by sights and sounds that may have made the rest of us merely uncomfortable. As an adult, she tells us she has overcome her fears to a small degree. What she doesn’t seem to recognize is just how brave she has become. Her culinary courage far exceeds that of most of us mere mortals. As a restaurant reviewer (read food critic with a heart), she relishes the opportunity to savor new dishes, whether they are made from sweetmeats, thymus glands, pancreas, chicken feet, fish eyes, kangaroo, tongue, or horse. Trust me, Stephanie, you are a very brave woman.

The 30 Second Commute is a lovely read, bright, fun, and revealing. If you are a writer, you’ll face yourself. If you’re not a writer, the curtain will be pulled back and you’ll get a great peek at a writer’s real world and an insight into The 30 Second Commute." - Michael & Mrs. Edwards


The Urban Muse: 5 Q’s with Stephanie Dickison | Writer’s Manual Interview with Stephanie Dickison


 Sexy Food Therapy

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