Mealshare - Dine out, give back

Giving to someone in need just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Mealshare.

Mealshare is a social enterprise that partners with restaurants to make donating a meal easy for diners. The Mealshare logo is put next to a few of the partner restaurant’s menu items. For each of those items purchase, a meal is donated to someone in need.

Mealshare started in July 2013 with only four partner restaurants. Since then, they have expanded to over 80 partner restaurants in six cities across Canada, providing 113,900 meals to people in need.

And lucky for us, Mealshare has expanded to Toronto.

This Thursday, October 16th, three notable Toronto restaurants will be participating:

Café Belong
Hawthorne Restaurant
Khao San Road (both locations)

It’s a wonderful thing to go out for dinner and be able to get someone a meal. And it's simply extraordinary that you can do it at no extra cost.

So make a reservation for dinner out on Thursday, October 16th at one of the three restaurants above.

Not only do you get dinner out, you’ll make a tremendous difference to someone else.

That's what I call a thanksgiving meal.