Foodie Gift Guide: 5 awesome gifts for food lovers

The holidays are here and it’s time that you start upping your gift game without having to shill out more money.

Food lovers can be a tricky bunch to buy for, as they often have the latest tools and gadgets. But these presents will make you a BFF in no time.

1. Amazing Clubs

Gift-of-the-Month- Club gifts come not justonce, but every month for as long as you like (3, 6 and 12-month clubs are available). And because Amazing Gifts specializing in gourmet gifts, you are sure to find something for everyone on your list. 

I am a big fan of the Wine of the Month Club, because it takes away the time and energy of having to wander aimlessly through the LCBO, trying to find something that you’ll like in your price range.  And each month, the lucky recipient will receive 2 full-sized bottles of "hard-to-find, premium wines from award-winning, boutique wineries across the globe." Get to try new wines that you might not normally have access to? Not only is that a great present, it’s a fantastic way to learn about wines.

But don’t just settle on wine. There are a whopping 22 clubs to select from, so you can customize the gift to the person’s likes – there’s everything from BBQ saucecheesebeerpastacoffeechocolate,breakfast and even a variety club available.

2. Food On Your Shirt

Chances are, there’s a person in your group of friends that loves bacon. So much so, they buy bacon bandages, mayonnaise and anything they can find with the rasher on it.  Now you can blow their minds with an epic t-shirt from Food On Your Shirt, as they happen to have a whole bacon collection.

Of course, not everyone is a bacon fiend. For those folks, there is an incredible assortment of food-centric shirts. Great tees can be found for bakerspizza loversand even an exclusive collection from Canada’s Own Roger Mooking

And if it’s all too much to try and decide, there’s a 12 days of Christmas selection  to helpyou choose your design.

Neat fact: Food On Your Shirt is by Food Network Canada's Top Chef Canada Season 4 contestant and CHOPPED Canada champion, Pierre Lamielle and partner Candace Bergman.

3. Carnivore Club

Getting a delivery from Carnivore Club - a curated selection of artisan charcuterie - does feel like Christmas, so naturally this is an ideal choice for the holidays.

Especially now that they have a Christmas Box available, with shipping to Canada.  

Your present will include 4-6 artisan crafted cured meats from a North American artisan that uses “locally sourced heritage breed animals.” Not only do you get to try a wide variety of exquisite charcuterie, it is all ready for you to serve – you just open the packages and arrange them on your boards, plates, platters, etc. Your guests will be impressed. So much so, they’ll likely ask where you got it.

Good thing you’ve got a box heading their way this holidays.  Just make sure you get an invite once it arrives!

4. Knife Sharpening

Every chef has a favourite knife and where to get it sharpened, but regular home cooks often have a drawer full of knives that never get the love and attention they deserve. So treat them to a professional knife sharpening and just watch as the admiration and praise fall upon you. 

I recommend KnifeHacher & Krain  or Tosho Knife Arts.

5.Cooking Classes

Sending a food lover to a cooking class is like sending them to summer camp – they’ll meet new people, learn new skills and be surrounded by their passion. What a gift! 

The Healthy Butcher has everything from The Art of the Roast to March’s exciting class, Intro to Butchering the Mighty Pig.

Le Dolci’s baking classes
 are extremely popular with those with a sweet tooth.

And Culinarium’s winter schedule is jam-packed with fantastic courses that teach invaluable skills from the pros – Handmade Pasta 101, Sensational Sausage and Risotto for the Seasons.


Honourable mention goes to Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop:

Getting home cooks and food lovers the latest gadgets and tools isn’t often wise – people like different methods for different tasks and it’s all based on an individual’s habits and likes (e.g. I use my food chopper (or knife) all the time. My mortar and pestle? About once a year.).

But recently I got to try the Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop and it is the best tool for the job that I’ve seen so far. It also happens to be gorgeous (it will be the only thing you leave it out on the counter on purpose) and saves your wrist from achingly having to work at hardened ice cream.

You’ll scoop ice cream with such ease, you’ll wish they made all your kitchen tools and appliances. Note: it might cause you to eat more ice cream, but how is this a bad thing?