Open/Closed for the week of April 28-May 4

Finally, May has arrived. Hopefully, spring is soon to follow. In the meantime, there is so much happening in this great city of ours. Check it out!

FD Pantry
24 Carlaw Ave.

If you’re not already following what the Food Dudes are doing, you should. Sometime this spring/summer, Rasa opens on Harbord, and opened just yesterday, their FDPantry store, making it easy for those of us on-the-go to eat well, with their grab-and-go meals and snacks.

Hole-E Burger
1050 Coxwell Ave.

Hole-E Burger opened a brand new location on Coxwell yesterday, after already finding success in Bolton. The reason to visit this burger joint? They make their 100% Angus beef patties – fresh, never frozen – with holes in them. All the better to stuff cheese and sauce into them.

They also offer a gluten-free bun and options other than beef (chicken, turkey, veggie and tilapia). 

Pain Perdu Bistro
3185 Yonge St.

Classical French cuisine is always in season, non? So while trends may come and go, there will always be a place for terrines, soupe a l’oignon and steak frites. Caviar is also available.

Date night in Lawrence Park just got a little more enticing.

Chino Locos
368 Broadview Ave.

If you’ve never been to Chinos Locos’ other location at Greenwood, there are some first-time-ordering tips you should know:

1. First time? Get your burrito full-loaded. Customize on further visits.
2.Their hot sauces are just that – hot. So don’t go crazy and ask for extra hot unless you can handle it.
3. Their burritos are a mash-up of Asian and Mexican flavours and ingredients, so each selection is stuffed with your choice of either brown rice or chow mein noodles.


81 Harbord St.

Offering a traditional Omakase (chef's choice) menu (approx. 20 courses), you can experience raw sushi and sashimi like never before in the city, thanks to Yasu.

It’s not cheap - $80 per person - but you’ll get to experience items such as the daily catch appetizer from Tsukiji Tokyo Fish Market, ankimo (“foie gras of the sea”) with fresh wasabi, and kaiware sprouts.

Japan just got a little closer.