Let's go to The Ex...to eat!

One of the best things about The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE, also known as The Ex) is the wide range of food you can get, both on the fairway and in the mighty Food Building.  Whether you grew up on 99 cent spaghetti and $1 hot dogs or prefer the more modern fare of pad thai and sushi, there truly is something for everyone - and for every budget.

The trend is recent years, is vendors competing to be most popular - and outrageous. I'll have a sneak peek for you of some of the the new, exciting menu items (like Fran's Thanksgiving Waffle, pictured here) on our Instagram and Twitter over the next few days, in celebration - and anticipation! - of the the CNE opening this Friday.

While I will no doubt try a bacon-wrapped something, and other trendy bites, I'm an old-fashioned girl - happy with my buttery, salty cob of corn, a doughy pretzel and a plate of something cheap and delicious (not an oxymoron here) from the Food Building.

See you at The Ex!!