Toronto restaurants offering more than just a meal

It is common practice for restaurants to offer daily specials to bring people in – oysters for $1 on Tuesdays, half price entrees on Wednesdays, etc. These incentives are what help against the fiece competition of over 10,000 restaurants in Toronto vying to get you in for a meal or drinks.

But many establishments have added something extra during the week to entice you:

Take Small Town Food Co., for instance. Starting tonight at 10pm, they, alongside Jameson, launch their new weekly event – Town Meetings. Not only do they offer a $5 late night menu, as well as a cocktail created by one of our city’s best (and friendliest ) mixololgists, Dave Mitton from The Harbord Room; they've got classic rock on vinyl for you to enjoy while sippn’ on Jameson and tucking into affordable fare.

And tomorrow at 3030, take part in @3030Trivia, brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing. Challenge your mind, have a pint, and select from an inventive menu ranging from Butter Chicken Wings ($5), Goat Aracini ($6) and Pigtail Torta ($5).

Offering half price pasta is great, as are weekly deals. But diners are beginning to look for more than just a meal. They want an experience, a night out - and one they can afford.