The Art of Food Phoneography

When dining out at a restaurant these days, the most apparent activity isn’t people eating or talking anymore – it’s of diners taking pictures of the food with their phones.

It has become such a part of our culture, that there are whole tutorials online and in schools on it. 

Earlier this week, OverCat Communications hosted an evening with Henry’s, the photo experts, on “The Art of Food Phoneography 101” at new downtown resto/bar Thoroughbred Food & Drink

Ren Bostelaar of Henry’s School of Imaging, gave a quick hit list of things not to do (use the flash) and things that will help (sit near natural light).

Henry’s holds classes specializing in Apple phones and Samsung Galaxys, as well as a specific class covering composition for camera phones.

Just imagine - a few of these tips and you can go from blurry dark shots of your pastrami spring roll to light, bright shots of ginger chili fried frog’s legs.