Bill to ban employers to keep hands off tips

If you’re a server or bartender or anyone in the industry who gets tips, there is good news on the way.

A provincial bill that will ban employers from taking a cut of employee’s tips (including workers outside of the restaurant industry as well) is rumoured to become law before Christmas. That means no pooling of tips either.

Bill 12, known previously as Bill 114 & 49, is An Act to amend the Employment Standards Act, 2000 with respect to tips and other gratuities.

You can view the bill, as well as check on the status

Tipping has been a hot issue lately, with many U.S. restaurants banning it altogether (esteemed restaurateur Danny Meyer announced this fall he was banning tipping at 13 of the restaurants - note, prices went up 21-25% for diners). Closer to home, recently, Toronto restaurateur Hemant Bhagwani of Indian Street Food Co. enforced a no-tipping policy at his restaurant, and instead charges a 12 per cent administrative fee on every bill, and sets aside 10% of the restaurant’s revenue for employee wages.

Stay tuned for further updates.