Toronto food trucks can be closer to restaurants now

Tornto food truck laws have been so restrictive up until now, it’s no wonder you haven’t been able to get your fix of fried mac and cheese, roti tacos or mini Nutella donuts in a while.

But thanks to yesterday’s vote, that’s about to change.

City councillors voted Tuesday to relax their restrictions regarding Toronto food trucks.  Before, food trucks had to set up 50 metres from an open restaurant, which in the dense downtown core, made it virtually impossible for trucks to accommodate customers. With the vote being passed 43-1 (the vote against was from Councillor Giogio Mammoliti), trucks can now set up 30 metres from an open restaurant.

The other good news is that they will be able to serve for five hours instead of the original three, every 24 hours.

These new rules take effect next Thursday, May 14.