Metro - Celebrate Dad with a Father's Day BBQ Buffet


Focus on your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen all day and celebrate Dad this year with a fun, casual and easy BBQ buffet.

Invite the fam over to luxuriate in the outdoors - in the backyard or on the deck - and catch up over fresh cocktails and mocktails.

To further ease the stress of cooking for a crowd, make the salads and sides the day before. A green salad, bean salad and potato salad all make great accompaniments for meat done on the grill. Serve simple, healthy vegetables sides such as heirloom carrots dressed in olive oil and rosemary, asparagus served with a homemade aioli and roasted beets topped with crumbled feta. Place in large casserole dishes with serving utensils next to a pile of plates and bowls and let guests serve themselves.

The main event this weekend - along with Dad, the man of the hour- will be on Metro’s Platinum Grill T-Bone Steaks. The recipe for Tuscan Style T-Bone Steak takes just minutes to put together, includes fresh ingredients such as garlic, olives and lemon juice, and requires just 30-60 minutes of marinating prior to barbecuing. The result? Tender, juicy, mouth-watering steaks bursting with Mediterranean flavour that rival your local steakhouse.

Don’t turn off the BBQ just yet. Keep the grill on and toss on thick slices of pineapple (sprinkled with rum!). The tropical island flavours of Grilled Pineapple with Crispy Coconut Lime Topping are the perfect sweet finish to a memorable Father’s Day meal.

A Father’s Day BBQ Buffet is so enjoyable and effortless, it just might become your new family tradition.