The Reveal – D&Y Sushi

The Gist: There are certain areas in Toronto that are saturated with sushi restaurants, but The Junction has only a few.
The newest kid on the block is D & Y Sushi, which might appear to be just your usual Japanese/sushi joint from the exterior, but once you try the food, you’ll see – and taste – the creativity and passion of Chef Dennis Liu.

All at price that you can most definitely afford.

Grub: Chef Liu went to George Brown College for mechanical engineering but loved food too much. He was the sushi chef at Izu on Yonge St. for eight years, but always dreamed of owning his own place.

"The last place I worked was more traditional. I changed the menu here to a different style, more western. We have more fancy rolls – Crazy Roll, Summer Roll, Caterpillar Roll. I want to bring people really good food; keep customers coming back."

With 36 kinds of maki rolls available, 5 sushi pizzas, sushi and sashimi, bento boxes, curries, donburis, teppanyaki, set dinners and even boats, there’s always something new to try.

Libations: The selection includes 10 bottles of sake (including one from Ontario), 4 red and 4 white wines, Japanese and US beers, a small martini and cocktail list. For those wishing for something non-alcoholic, there’s roasted green tea, juice and pop.

‘Hood: The Junction

Deets: The former coffee bar and internet café has been transformed. With 44 seats, deep booths and a comfy banquette seating, dining in is a great option. Quick take-out and delivery are also available.

Fixtures & Fittings: The space is clean and streamlined with little decoration, except for pictures on the wall. Pendant lamps hang from the high ceiling and a black string "wall" separates the dining area from the long entranceway.

Dark brown booths and banquette seating are brightened with a wide red banner of padded material, against a light wood floor. Chef Liu says, "Dark colors make you feel comfortable."

Off the Menu: Galbi Appetizer ($8.50) Tender, juicy BBQ beef short ribs are steakhouse-worthy.

Tuna Tataki ($7.95) features seared tuna that melts as soon as it enters your mouth, lightly dressed in a tataki sauce that never overwhelms the fish – only enhances it.

One of the five sushi pizzas on the menu, Salmon Pizza ($8.99) sounds like it could be heavy and cloying from its ingredients - salmon, avocado, crab meat, cucumber, fish eggs, mayonnaise, and Japanese BBQ sauce. But with a light, crisp crust and a deft hand with the toppings, it’s satisfying without being too much or over the top. If you love sushi pizza, you’ll love this. And if you’re not a fan, this one will change your mind.

Veggie Dragon Roll (10 pcs/$9.95) is so packed with vegetables, but here’s the part where true talent comes in – it’s completely balanced, so you taste a bit of everything in each bite - asparagus, avocado, cucumber and squash, topped with deep-fried tempura. Even the teriyaki sauce drizzled on top is thankfully light. You’ll be full and satisfied without feeling like you need to take a nap afterwards.

How Cool is This?! D & Y stands for the owners and couple Dennis and Yao Yao, but when it’s written out in long form it spells dandysushi!

At the Stove/Sushi Bar: Chef Dennis Liu

Head Honchos: Dennis and Yao Yao Liu

Visiting Hours: 
Monday    12:00pm - 9:30pm
Tuesday    4:30pm - 9:30pm
Wed & Thur12:00pm - 9:30pm    
Friday & Sat   12:00pm - 12:00am
Sunday        12:00pm - 10:30pm

Map It: 2861 Dundas St. W. (right at Keele)

Phone It In: (647) 694-1146

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