Metro - Summer Sandwiches

Summer calls for a lighter, fresher touch, and that extends to sandwiches of the season.

And that starts with the bread. Irresistibles Artisan Ciabatta Baguette has a crisp crust and moist, light crumb. What’s great about a baguette is it works lengthwise for sandwiches - such as this Grilled Salmon Sandwich with fresh basil and lemon juice – and sliced into coins, it becomes a fantastic base for canapes and appetizers including Bruschetta.

If you’re a lover of sliced meats, the Ciabatta Sandwich recipe is a classic. But the epic choice is the Muffuletta, which features pickled vegetables for added crunch, and olives that deliver that saltiness that you crave in the warmer months.

Another fantastic option for summer is open-faced sandwiches. Just one of these Baked Open-Faced Sandwiches with a side salad works for any meal of the day – even brunch! Want something a little more decadent? Open-face Challah Chocolate and Pear Sandwiches will wow the crowd and yet they take just seconds to make.

Sandwiches don’t have to be a bore. They don’t even have to have two slices of bread! It’s what you make of them that counts.