FeastON – Eat & Drink Local. Really Local.

Chances are, you and your friends, family and colleagues have talked about how important supporting local producers, farmers and restaurants is to you.

But how many restaurants are truly committed to it? Sure some places might use local veg, but then they import everything else. It’s important that we support Ontario’s hard working farmers.

That’s why you need to know about FeastON

The FeastON Manifesto is simple:

1. To procure Ontario food and drink whenever possible.

2. To track and trace Ontario food and drink purchases as close to the point of origin as possible.

3. To identify the provenance of Ontario food and drink on the menu.

4. To develop Ontario’s culinary identity by celebrating regional tastes and championing local, seasonal ingredients.

5. To educate the public about Ontario food and drink and to bring further awareness to its strong agricultural sectors.

There are 20 restaurants, caterers and stores in Toronto with the FeastON designation. That means that these restaurants have provided proof of procurement of Ontario products to become a member and they are committed to buying Ontario food and beverages.

You’ll know them by the decal in the window and the FeastON wooden spoon somewhere inside.

Here is the full list of Toronto FeastON folks:

b. good

Bindia Indian Bistro

Café Belong

Caplansky’s Delicatessen


Chocosol Tortlilla Project

Clements Crepes

Earth + City

Farmhouse Tavern

Glas Wine Bar

Harvest Kitchen

Hawthorne Food & Drink

Hearty Catering

Le Select Bistro

Local Kitchen and Wine Bar


Richmond Station

Sanagan’s Meat Locker

Terrace Café

The Daughter

The Hogtown Cure

The Whippoorwill Restaurant & Tavern

Vertical Restaurant

Supporting them means supporting Ontario producers and people dedicated to local ingredients. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Find out more about FeastON

If you’re a restaurant, caterer or event that wants to apply, fill out the forms here