Metro - Enticing eats for the long weekend

The long weekend before the end of summer vacations and back to school for the kids is an important one. It’s perhaps one of the few quiet times you’ll have until after the holidays in December, so it should be treasured – shared with loved ones and surrounded by fantastic food that oozes the fun and warmth of the season!

Here are some guidelines to ensure a fabulous long weekend:

1. Keep the grill on

Just because it’s September doesn’t mean the BBQing should end. With a hot weather forecast lasting into next week, the backyard party can go all weekend long!

Start with these healthy Grilled Italian Sausage and Vegetables on Ciabatta Buns that take just a few minutes to make. Use a good quality oil like Irresistibles Extra Virgin Olive Oill.

Spicy food was made for this hot weather, so dig into these Spicy Chicken Legs that are finished on the grill.

2. Stock up on seafood

Seafood is ideal in the warmer months as it’s lighter in taste, yet still satisfying. This Healthy Crab, Arugula and Mango Salad recipe is particularly alluring -  peppery arugula mingles with sweet mango and crab, whilea zesty dressing adds kick, and pumpkin seeds deliver a solid crunch.

Have yourself a Cape Cod style meal with Barbecue Steamed Lobster. Just add corn on the cob and lobster bibs!

3. Celebrate with cocktails

Having that extra day off allows for an extra tipple this weekend, so make something exciting and refreshing:

Get in on the cider trend with this fabulous Strawberry Cider Cocktail recipe.

Refreshers – or refreshing cocktails are all the rage now, and so easy to make. This Sparkling Cranberry and Blueberry Cocktail is a definite crowd pleaser.

Champagne is also having a moment, so serve this champers cocktail and watch it become an instant hit.

May your long weekend be joyous and delicious!