BPC Best Portuguese Chicken – Churrasqueira adding new locations

ou probably know BPC Best Portuguese Chicken by the lineups out the door.

This month marks the six-year anniversary of the popular chicken eatery on the Queensway. And Betty Nascimento and son Kyle have big plans for the small spot.

Two franchise locations are opening in 2017 – one in Pakistan in January, and another in April at the Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga. With possibly more on the horizon.

And that’s not all. In the new year, the family has plans to expand the small space into the location next door, to accommodate the crowds.

With the area quickly changing – younger families moving in, condos being built – the demand for quick prepared food is on the rise.

The family is up for the challenge. After all, Betty, whose parents are from Lisbon, bought what was formerly a Portuguese chicken restaurant, and worked to make it the popular place it is today.

"We took something that was already here and expanded on it," she says.

Betty changed the recipe a little, renovated (resulting in a more modern churrasqueira), and created a bustling catering operation.

The family also does a lot of charity work. "We like to give back to the community," Betty says. At the end of the day, leftover food is picked up for donation.

The menu is small and streamlined, so you can get in and out quickly:

Mains of churrasqueira (rotisserie) chicken (whole $13, half $7 breast $5.25, leg $4.75), grilled chicken ($14, by order only, one hour in advance), and pan-fried basa fillet are available every day. There are also daily specials – Tuesdays: whole chicken and two sides for $18; Fridays: Cod fish, for instance.

For sides choose from rice ($4.75-$8.75), roasted parisienne potatoes ($5-9), salad ($5-9), and olives ($3.75-$6.50).

Desserts are Portuguese classics – custard tarts ($1.50) and Nata du Ceu ($3.50), translating to "heavenly cream" (think Portuguese tiramisu), made from scratch by hard-working employee Bruna, whom Betty says, "is one of the reasons we’ve been successful here for six years."

Chickens average 1.1 kilos each, and are free-range and grain-fed from Farm Fresh Poultry Co-operative Inc. in Harriston, Ontario. Everything is made in house, save for piri-piri sauces and custard tarts.

Most of the dishes are in fact, gluten-free as well.

Should you choose to dine in, you can enjoy beer or Portuguese wine with your meal. For non-alcoholic options, select from Portuguese sodas, pop and water.

Though it’s six years old, it seems BPC Best Portuguese Chicken is just getting started.


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