The Reveal - Té

The Gist: The new Té (pronounced 'tay') offers "Taiwanese and Korean fusion fare with North American comfort food bar snacks," according to first-time restaurant owners Tina Lai & Grace Cho.

Lai is Taiwanese and Cho’s Korean. Lai says, “We believe we bring something that Ossington doesn’t have, and what we want to focus on.”

Dishes are served tapas style during dinner and late night hours. For brunch classic breakfasts are given an unique Asian twist and served a la carte.

The influence of tea (Té is tea in Spanish) can be seen in the house cocktails and desserts.

Grub: All food is made in house, except for bread. Kimchi, sauces and mayos are made from scratch.

Everything gets an Asian Twist including brunch item Kimchi & Pork Belly Eggs Benedict ($16) and Green Tea Egg Waffle ($14).

Libations: Sure you can have beer and wine, but these bubble tea cocktails are sure to wow the crowd. All teas are infused. Blends are housemade.

For non-alcoholic options, there are the usual offerings of waters and sodas, there’s Blooming Tea ($4) and Matcha Lattes ($4.75) in three varieties - green tea, chai, and peppermint.

Fixtures & Fittings: The stunning space was conceptualized by Navigate Design and Build it By Design brought in contractors and engineers.

Custom built pieces and millwork were created from the banquette and booth to bar, knee wall, brass rods, shelving... Pretty much the whole she-bang.

The result is a beautifully bright, modern, welcoming space that feels like a luxe apartment.

Off the Menu:

Mango Black Té ($12)      

Scotch whisky, assam, mango syrup, teapot bitters, dried mango, and mini tapioca pearls creates an exotic refresher.

Creamy and velvety, The Chai Milk Té ($13) made with vodka, amaretto, vanilla chai tea, cream, cinnamon stick, and mini tapioca pearls satisfies.

Kimchi Deviled Eggs ($6 for 3 halves)

The dish that first appeared in Ancient Rome gets a modern upgrade, redressed with a kimchi paste, sesame & yolk mash, and topped with finely chopped bacon.

Toasted Kimchi Ravioli ($10)

Three jumbo ravioli filled with kimchi ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan gets crusted in panko, making a crunchy and crusty treat. The final touch? A drizzle of honeyed wasabi pesto sauce on top.

Crispy Ramen Jalapeno Poppers ($5) on the Late Night Menu

Ramen lovers will freak over the spicy ground ramen noodle crust on these bite-sized bites filled with cream cheese.

Squid Chon ($8) Slices of Korean pancake get a seafood injection with squid & chives, served with a soy sauce vinegar dip.

Unadulterated Ssam (meat $14, tofu $11) Three red lettuce leaf wraps include sweet-pickled winter radish, fresh garlic, sweet red chili paste and your choice of protein – bulgogi, grilled pork, sweet and spicy pork belly, and pan-fried tofu.

Braised Pork Crostini ($11) Chopped Taiwanese slow-cooked pork belly is served on toasted baguette, three per order. Elevated pork on a bun.

Bulgogi Sliders ($15) These little sandwiches are more filling than you might think. Soy-marinated beef sirloin slices, runny quail egg, and wasabi mayo are tucked into toasted mini sesame buns,

Dark-Spiced Taiwanese Fried Chicken (2 pcs $9, 4 pcs $16) Come over to the dark side with this Insta-worthy dish. Marinated in traditional Taiwanese spices, the poultry is battered, then fried, and finished with a pepper-salt seasoning.

Green Tea Cheesecake ($7) Cheesecake lovers and matcha green tea enthusiasts say hello to the creamiest cheesecake that you’ve ever had. And not too sweet either. 

How Cool is This?! Brunch is served on Fridays, in addition to Saturdays and Sundays.

At the Stove: Grace Cho

FOH: Tina Lai

Head Honchos: Tina Lai & Grace Cho

Deets: There are 39 seated including 7 at the bar. Dinner, late night eats & drinks and brunch are available.

Visiting Hours:  

Brunch: Fri to Sun 11am-3pm
Dinner & Late Night: Sun-Thurs 6pm-11pm (closed Tuesdays)
                               Fri & Sat 6pm-2am

Map It: 70 Ossington Ave. (between Queen & Dundas)

Phone It In: (647) 694-3328

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