Metro - Dine al fresco with a picnic on the porch

You don’t have to head out to a crowded park to enjoy a picnic this summer. All the comforts of an outdoor meal are right outside your doorstep, on the porch.

Whether you prefer the front or back porch, dining al fresco is better at home – no dirt, ants, or intense sun without shade. Pack a great picnic and the rest – friends and family, good times – will follow.

Here’s a list of all your picnic basket essentials:

- Whether you choose to sit on the floor or at a table, you’ve got to have a blanket or tablecloth. It doesn’t have to be red-and-white checked, but it should be festive.

- Picnic food is meant to be fun and easy to eat. Get some fresh fruit, nuts, crackers and cheese for nibbling. For the main event, pick up Metro’s store-made souvlakiMade fresh in-store, you don’t have to spend all that time chopping and prepping your meal. Available in chicken, beef, pork and lamb, you simply throw them on the grill pack ‘em in a pita and you’ve got yourself the perfect picnic sandwich. Here's a quick and easy recipeGrilled Pork Souvlaki Pitas.

- Strawberry season is upon us, so showcase them in this beautiful, simple recipe: Strawberry and Bocconcini Salad that allows the fresh flavours of summer to burst through.

- Be sure to include these items these on your checklist as well: drinks (sparkling lemonade, homemade iced tea), dessert (homemade cookies, a pint of all-natural ice cream) napkins, utensils, plates and bowls, cups
Enjoy the fresh outdoors and fantastic food without crowds or insects? Forget the park and have picnic on the porch - it’s the ultimate modern summer dining experience!