The Reveal – Bolan Thai Cuisine

The Gist: Innovative, healthy food with modern presentation in an imaginative setting makes Bolan Thai Cuisine one of the most exciting new restaurants to open this year.

Owners Chantira Panijaranai and Phimonrat Chaidetkamjohn (Chef "Pimm") have worked in the industry for over ten years. Chef Pimm worked on the menu and interior look for a long time.

Bringing in ingredients from Thailand, the goal is to make food taste as close to the real thing as possible with the freshest ingredients.

Grub: Fresh, nutritious ingredients and authentic Thai dishes is at the heart of Bolan.

Don’t expect a towering menu. Panijaranai says, "We chose a few dishes per category. We chose only the really special ones." And there is a big emphasis on dessert and drinks. "There is more to Thai desserts than mango sticky rice," she says.

Both the execution and presentation are refined. Most noodle dishes are made with rice, not egg, as it’s "healthy and lower calorie," says Panijaranai.

You’ll go home full thanks to the portions, but for once you won’t feel heavy afterwards.

Libations:  A variety of hot beverages and refreshing cold drinks, many made from scratch are available, as is high pH water ($3), which makes the body more alkaline.

The must-try cocktails: Mojito ($6.95), Mai Tai ($7.95) and Long Island Iced Tea ($8.95).

Fixtures & Fittings: The cozy dining room is a feast for the eyes. The creative space is filled with modern and vintage pieces, all curated by Chef Pimm. "Every detail has meaning," she says.

New furniture gleams in the golden light. A wall of decorative items and ingredients line shelves against the long banquette. Across the room, yellow lights (the King wears yellow) are finished with industrial piping and washing line wheels.

A photo of the current King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, hangs on the wall while a portrait of King Chulalongkorn, fifth monarch of Thailand from the House of Chakri, Rama V, sits atop the amber lit counter next to the vintage radio.

Off the Menu:

Nam Gra-jiab (Roselle) ($3.75) A cold, refreshing and floral hibiscus tea, made in house and served on a glass tray, is an ideal summer drink.

Snow Shrimp ($8.95) Five deep-fried marinated shrimp are served with spicy mayo sauce. But this ain’t no regular shimp. Covered in puffed jasmine rice, they have a light crunch and the sauce delivers on the heat.

Bolan Pad Thai ($13.95) One of the best pad thai’s in the city boasts stir-fried glass noodles with chicken and shrimp, egg, tofu, garlic, onion and beansprouts in homemade tamarind sauce topped with a delicate egg crepe and garnished with ground peanuts.

Panang Curry Beef with Boiling Egg ($14.95) Get ready for a new kind of beef curry. Here, the beef is deep-fried and the traditional Thai red curry with kaffir lime leaves, bell pepper and coconut milk gets poured over the meat from a copper pot. Served with boiled egg and jasmine rice, deep-fried has never been more sophisticated.

How Cool is This?! Thai Monks came and gave their sacred blessing.

At the Stove: Chef "Pimm" (co-owner Phimonrat Chaidetkamjohn)

FOH: Manager QP Tharmviboonsri

Head Honchos: Owners Chantira Panijaranai and Phimonrat Chaidetkamjohn

Deets: The modern dining room seats 20, with take out and delivery also available.

Visiting Hours:  Mon-Fri   11:30am-10pm

Map It: 709 Mt Pleasant Rd. (just south of Eglinton)

Phone It In: (647) 344-1233

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