The Reveal - Rolltation

The Gist: Rolltation is the first sushi burrito restaurant to open in Toronto. But this isn’t just straight up maki made bigger - a fusion of Toronto’s multicultural cuisines come together in made-to-order hand-held burritos, poké bowls or salads.

The hybrid food is a celebration of Toronto’s cultures and diversity using fresh ingredients, so expect the unexpected in both ingredients and flavours.

Grub: The menu includes six colourful signature burritos with white rice with a seaweed wrap and poke bowls available with white or brown rice. You can also choose to roll your own, including salads, and there are four snacks available – Edamame ($5.25), Dry Squid ($6.75), Tokoyaki ($6.95) and Soft Shell Crab ($8.95).

While traditional sushi ingredients are available, there are many fascinating selections including tangerines, corn, kidney beans, jicama, kale, cheese as well, including North American cheese and bacon, Korean kimchi, Tawainese meat floss, and Japanese egg protein and wasabi tobiko. Unusual sauces include Raspberry BBQ, Garden Salad (with apple, carrot, onion and sesame) and Japanese Curry. New menu items will be added every few months.

Portions are big – burritos are the size of a single seaweed sheet and poke bowls are filled with rice topped with ingredients. Proteins are scooped out in measured ounces.

Libations: Since it’s mostly take out, there’s no plans for alcohol. Pop, water and a selection of San Pellegrino are available.

Fixtures & Fittings: Designer Alfred Wong’s modern, sleek setting includes rotating wooden lamp fixtures, cement counter base, shiny white subway tiles and wood finishes. Owner Chris Wu chose yellow neon for the sign and designed the L-shape counter.

The piece de resistance is the wallpaper made up of iconic Toronto images including a Tim Horton coffee cup, "WeThe North" saying, and the Raptors logo. Combined with the hip-hop playlist, it invokes a fun atmosphere.

Off the Menu:

Kimchi Beef Burrito ($12.99) The hand-held burrito features beef, green lettuce, carrot, avocado, and asparagus. The twist here comes way of kimchi, meaty kidney beans, and the raspberry BBQ sauce. It’s sweet, fruity with a tinge of sour.

Teri – Shrimp Burrito ($12.99) Shrimp tempura, kani salad (crabmeat and mayo), carrot, edamame, cabbage, cucumber, sweet corn with teriyaki sauce offers a lot of crunch.

Classic Salmon Poké ($13.99) Salmon, kale, avocado, carrot, red onion, sweet corn, tangerine, wasabi tobiko and spicy mayo sauce delivers many flavours and textures, all in one beautifully coloured bowl.

How Cool is This?! A machine receives a sheet of seaweed and returns it with a thin layer of evenly distributed rice on it in seconds. Rolltation also has Apple Pay.

At the Grill: Chef Danny Lee

Head Honcho: Owner Chris Wu

Deets: The restaurant is primarily takeout. There are five stools along a window counter, but they fill fast.

Visiting Hours: Mon to Sun 11am - 10pm

Map It: 207 Dundas St. W. (near University)

Phone It In: (647) 351-8986

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