Spoon & Fork – “All You Can Taste” Japanese & Thai

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Living in the GTA, there’s an overwhelming array of dining options, which can make it hard when trying to lock down a single place for dinner.

Spoon & Fork makes it easy, with a wide range of Japanese, Thai and North America selections under one roof.

The options continue with à la carte dining or “all you can taste” (all-you-can-eat), available during lunch and dinner.

Across the GTA

There are seven locations to serve you, with the newest one in Barrie. You’ll also find Spoon & Fork in OakvilleNorth OakvilleVaughanQueenswayEglinton and North York.

The wildly successful chain also includes Corner by Spoon and Fork, in addition to other concepts: JJ Japanese ThaiPrince Japanese Steakhouse, and Mi’Hito Sushi Laboratory (four locations).

More than just Japanese

President and owner, Matthew Lam, whose partner Sunny Chong started the business with Japanese cuisine decades ago – Prince Japanese Steakhouse in 1998 and Prince Sushi back in 2001 (since converted to Mi’Hito Sushi Laboratory) – says, “After all these years, we have a good handle on how to make great sushi.”

Following multiple wins for his Japanese cuisine in newspapers and reader polls, Lam thought, “Maybe we should have a Thai restaurant.” The first Spoon & Fork opened in Etobicoke back in 2003 offering Thai and Vietnamese fare. Soon after, he noticed “lots of Thai restaurants appeared down the road.”

The evolution went on to include Japanese and Thai when Spoon & Fork opened on Trafalgar in Oakville 2007, quickly followed by JJ Japanese Thai in Mississauga in 2008, and additional Spoon & Fork locations across the GTA.

Best of both worlds

Lam says the reason he put the two together was, “So people don’t have to fight. They can easily come to a consensus within the group.” And the “all you can taste” option – highly successful for ten years now –  “gives people the freedom and choice to venture into new cuisines and have a good dining experience.”

Lam says, “The minute we started, we were trailblazers – putting Japanese, Thai and ‘all you can taste’ together. That’s why we’ve been around for so long.”

Location, location

Where many chains make each location to look like the rest, at Spoon & Fork, each location is uniquely designed, with a few featuring bars with TVs.

At the Barrie and York Mills location, orders are placed on iPads. The rest of the chain will soon follow suit.

To your taste

Everything is made fresh to order, which allows for items to be easily customized, such as spice levels adjusted to individual palates, dietary restrictions and allergies.

Choices, choices

You’ll have to visit multiple times to explore the entire menu.

Starters include everything from Deep Fried Brie to Prosciutto and Melon Salad. Then there’s soups, salads, sushi, sashimi, maki, hand rolls, rice and noodles, specialties from the wok, and Thai curries. And don’t forget dessert!

The ability to taste so many flavours and experience so many dishes in one sitting is exciting.

So, it’s no surprise that roughly 90 per cent of guests choose the “all you can taste” option. “It’s the freedom,” says Lam. “If you like a particular dish and want to order more, you can.”

Manager Ricky Chong says, “If you’re coming with a whole bunch of friends, you know your budget. You know what you’re going to get. And if you don’t like it, you can order something else.”

Quantity and quality

Compared to many restaurants, it’s hard to beat this price for unlimited dishes – Weekdays: Lunch $17.99, Dinner $28.99; Weekends: Lunch $18.99, Dinner $29.99.

Quality, however, remains imperative to Lam. “We really stress on the quality. To me, it’s so important. It’s part of the reason people come back and spread the word.”


All Spoon & Fork locations are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Takeout is also available.

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