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Bray’s Hamburgers started 67 years ago in 1950, in a small white building in Westland, Michigan.

Founded by Roy Bray, the family business grew to an empire of 48 restaurants across the state. As of 2017, 15 remain.

Grandson Alex Duhani recently debuted the first Canadian location in Mississauga, with plans for expansion throughout the country.

The restaurant specializes in a number of signature American-style burgers, sides, chili (voted best in Michigan) and extensive breakfast menu – all at unbelievably low prices.


Signature burgers, Hamburger ($3.75) and Original ($4.95), are both “slider” size. Note: The term “slider” in the States is different than what we know as a mini-burger served at parties and events. At Bray’s, the patty is wider than your typical burger, but thinner. Think: more surface area.

The Hamburger gets topped with mustard, ketchup, pickles and their signature fresh grilled onions, while the Original, a double cheeseburger, is garnished with just two ingredients: grilled onions and Thousand Island sauce.

Want a bigger burger? Order the Single ($5.49), Double ($7.49) or Triple ($8.79).

The best seller in Canada is the 50’s Burger ($7.99), served with their homemade mayo-based garlic sauce on a soft potato bun.

The key to these Detroit-style burgers is fresh, never frozen ground beef. After not being satisfied in the pre-formed patties that were available, Duhani got a machine and they formed their own.

And a bonus you may not get from other popular burger joints: no bloating. “That’s a guarantee,” Duhani says, saying it’s due to the mayo sauce filled with garlic.

Two burgers exclusive to Canada: Chicken Burger ($7.50) and Veggie Burger ($5.99) developed to serve the dietary needs of the area. And Duhani says portions had to be increased here, to satiate our Canuck-sized appetites. Surprising, no?

You’ll also find items not often seen north of the border, including: shakes in Banana (sm $3.95, med $4.55, lg $6.55) and Cherry (sm $3.95, med $4.55, lg $6.55), Coney Dog ($3.50), and Biscuit ($2.19) and Sausage Gravy ($2.45) off the breakfast menu.

Other things that differentiate them from the rest: large homemade Potato Chips ($2.99) tossed with seasoning salt, and Crinkle Cut Fries (mini $2.75, reg $2.75, lg $2.99), which may remind you of another popular U.S. chain…

While the place feels decidedly American in its food and venue, Duhani says, “Everything we buy, we buy local.”


The restaurant is licensed, so go ahead and have a beer or glass of wine with your meal. But don’t miss out on their Homemade Iced Tea (sm $.275, med $2.99, lg $3.45).

Fixtures and Fittings

The restaurant has a diner feel, complete with red and black tables and chairs.

The room is divided into two sections: the front with counter, TV and open grill, and the back near the washrooms, which is circular and outfitted with a TV as well.

Off the Menu  

Homemade Iced Tea (sm $.275, md $2.99, lg $3.45)
Sweet, but not cloyingly so.

Hamburger ($3.75)
A well-done patty that’s still juicy, topped with mustard, ketchup, pickles and fresh grilled onions, brings to mind classics like McDonald’s of the ’70s and more modern versions such as Shake Shack.

Original ($4.95)
A double cheeseburger with “Thousand Island” sauce and grilled onions. Simple and not overloaded.

50’s Burger Large Patty ($7.99)
Served with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and their homemade mayo-based garlic sauce on a soft potato bun, it’s a combo you’ll crave hours later.

Potato Chips ($2.99)
Tossed with seasoning salt and served warm, these slices as large as your hand, are addictive.

Crinkle Cut Fries (mini $2.75, reg $2.75, lg $2.99) with Side Gravy ($1.50)
There’s another American chain that’s famous for their crinkle fries. These are damn close and that thick beefy gravy on top doesn’t hurt either.

Chili Cheese Fries ($4.95)
Want to amp up your beef order? Pack on the protein with these frites.


Bray’s Hamburgers accommodates 70 guests for dine in. Takeout is also available.

Head Honcho: Alex Duhani

Map it845 Lakeshore Rd. E.

Visiting Hours: Daily 7 am to 10 pm

Phone it in: 905-891-0343

How Cool is This?! You don’t have to drive to Michigan to get a Detroit-style burger anymore.

In the works: Drive-thru.


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