Metro - Rock your burgers with homemade toppings

Summertime is all about grilling and finally utilizing the BBQ that sits abandoned under snow during our winter months. But so often the focus is on the burgers and hot dogs, when really, it’s the toppings and condiments that make them stand out.

Apple-Brie Pork Burgers get a creamy richness from Irresistibles Brie and a nice bright crunch from apples and onions. A fun twist? Stuff the brie inside the patty for added oomph and surprise.

And now that Basket Cucumbers are available in Metro stores - along with other fresh local Ontario produce – it’s the perfect opportunity for making pickles and relish. Pickling can be done quickly – in just a few minutes – or take longer, should you wish for more traditional Dill Pickles.

Homemade cucumber relish is fast and easy to make and can be customized for your palate, mood or burger. Make it spicy, sweet or exotic, depending on the spices you use. Just make sure you’ve got lots of jars on hand.

Should you wish for something creamier, tzatziki is a fantastic way to highlight your cukes. A little yogurt, garlic, mint and salt, and you’ve got yourself a healthy, but enticing new spread for your stuff on the grill.

With a full basket of cukes, you’ll likely still have some to spare, so whip up a bowl of Fruit and Cucumber Salad and get your fruit and veg all in one sitting.

There are so many ways to get creative with toppings:

- The red onion relish paired here with Cajun burgers is sure to be a summertime hit. 
- Did you know it’s super easy to make your own mustard?
- By adding fresh herbs, spices or citrus zest to mayo, you can tailor it to your main – for fish burgers add lemon and dill, for garlicky sausages, add some cayenne or chipotle for added heat.
Homemade salsa doesn’t have to be reserved just for tortilla chips and tacos. It’s a fantastic way to brighten up a hot dog or burger and it’s good for you too.

Making your own toppings doesn’t have to be a long, labourious process.  In fact, it’s super easy. And so much fun.

You’ll never look at regular ketchup, mustard and relish the same again.