The Reveal – Reverie at Weldon Park

The Gist

One of the most whimsical, original restaurants in the city also happens to have phenomenal food, drinks and service.

What more could you ask for?


Chefs Greg Couillard – returning to Toronto after being abroad for an extended time – and Chris Showalter are at the helm, showcasing their deft skills.

Food is decidedly modern, though no tweezers are employed. In fact, though beautifully presented, it’s very approachable.

Though there is a lot going on in each plate, flavours are well balanced and easy to discern. No having to work your way through heavy sauces here. In fact, dishes have a fresh lightness to them (with no walk-in fridge or freezer, everything is brought in daily), yet still satisfy.

P.S. Every Sunday, Couillard’s whipping up his ever-changing prix fixe meal (previous themes include Mexican, South China Sea, Indian: Enter the Newab Kitchen) and soon he’ll be hosting a rotating roster of Guest Chef’s every Tuesday night, beginning May 16th with a menu by Jef Edwards & LNE Cocktail Company.


Mixologist Moses McIntee (formerly of Lucien, Ritz-Carlton Toronto) creates cocktails that are as thoughtful and dreamy as the space.

A focused wine list features varietals from across the globe (gls $9-23, btls $42-$110) and beer lovers have four bottles of Beau’s ($11 ea.) to choose from.

Fixtures & Fittings

Renovations took a year and included building a new kitchen, adding a skylight, raising the floor and ceiling, and upgrading the bathrooms.

Owner Faaren Farzam did all the construction himself, as well as carefully selecting all the chairs and lights from antique markets. Everything else is custom-made.

The front section, complete with park-like feel, includes trees from North Bay and branches collected along the Bayview extension.

Follow the long bar to the stunning gate entrance near the back. Step inside the dining room’s ethereal setting, with glossy floors resembling clouds, watery glass pebbles set into the back bar, and skylight washing the room with light.

Bonus: The large black linen napkins are an exquisite touch and won’t leave white pill marks on your clothes.

Off the Menu

Weldon Park-Mallow ($14) This is one helluva stunner. Rye, maple sage and bitters would have been great on its own, but that blackened marshmallow attached? Sheer brilliance. It’s enough to make you want to start your own campfire.

For Your Sake ($14) An exotic exhilaration of sake, citrus, saffron, black pepper, sugar, bitters and aloe. You’ll ask for another before you empty the glass.

Picard ($14) Enjoy the rapturous scents and flavours of pineapple, rosemary, maple syrup and earl grey foam, and heady perfume that accompany this addictive brandy cocktail.

Apples ($14) Since the warm weather truly hasn’t arrived yet, this tequila sipper with cider, thyme, lemon and warm spices delivers all the required cozy feels.

Meatballs ($15) Gigantic, moist kobe beef meatballs are individually wrapped in wide zucchini ribbons, with a spicy kick from tamarind BBQ sauce and pistachio pesto to balance it out. Added crunch comes way of crisp sweet potato chips and large taro chip set on top like a crown.

Tuna Carpaccio ($17) Bright pink swaths of tender tuna become a work of art with a framework of wasabi foam, local flowers, micro greens, sprouts and deep-fried lotus root. Slashes and drizzles of olive oil, horseradish, sesame and lime round out the work of art. It’s as delectable as it is beautiful.

Fire Shrimp ($15) “Go big or go home” is taken seriously here. Plump, sizeable crustaceans boast a thick char with fire spicing and lime, lined with a brush of red pepper chutney across the plate. Think summertime brought indoors.

Lamb Weldon (1pc. $13/ 2 pcs. $26/ 3 pcs. $36) If only all lamb were like this. Braised rack of lamb and roasted wine cured loin are cooked medium and served with a rainbow of pistachio paint, roasted yellow beet, plum chutney and pumpkin fritz.


At the Stove: Greg Couillard and Chris Showalter

Head Honcho: Faaren Farzam

FOH: Wesley Barber, Director of Marketing

Map it: 569 College St. (near Clinton)

Visiting Hours: Wednesday to Saturday:  5 pm–2 am, Sunday: 5 pm–12 am

Phone it in: 416-533-8841

How Cool is This?! You’ve never been to a restaurant like this before. A true original, Reverie at Weldon Park is a delightful escape from the everyday.

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