Gilles Verot – Café Boulud’s Master Charcutier

Gilles Verot comes from a long line of charcutiers that have been dedicated to the craft of making meat products (most of which are pork) including: bacon, ballotines, confit, galantines, ham, pâtés, sausage, and terrines.

Masion Verot was established in 1930 in Saint-Étienne by Gilles’ grandfather Jean Verot, and carried on by his parents Pierre (named Meilleur Ouvrier de France) and Alexandre. Gilles and his wife Catherine have maintained the family business with a trio of shops in Paris.

The award-winning master charcutier has been collaborating with world-renowned, multi-starred chef Daniel Boulud since Bar Boulud’s debut in 2008. Verot’s creations can be found in DBGB in Soho, as well as Boulud restaurants throughout London, Boston and Toronto’s own Café Bouludand d|bar.

While Verot’s charcuterie has been a part of the Yorkville hotel’s French brasserie and bar/lounge offerings since opening in 2015, he visited the restaurant recently for a very special collab dinner.

Along with Café Boulud’s executive chef Sylvain Assié and chef Marc Thuet (Petit Thuet Bakery), Verot unveiled exquisite new dishes, including three of his signature pates: award-winning Fromage de Tête (head cheese), Pâte on Croute, and Pâte de Campagne.

Now available at Café Boulud and d|bar, not only is this a rare opportunity to taste the French master’s work, its the only place in Canada to feature these handcrafted, time-honoured dishes.

Café Boulud (60 Yorkville Ave.) is open 6:30 am to 10 pm. d|bar is open 11 am to 1 am.

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