Toronto’s Jiggle Ball – Famed Jello-Shot Cocktail Competition is Back

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If your only jello shot experience was back in college, you’re missing out.

If you think spiked gelatin is basic, you obvs haven’t been to a Jiggle Ball before.

Gelatin isn’t often considered an important or innovative item these days. Dishes including the word “aspic” (shudder), the artificially flavoured powdered packets of our youth, and cheap alcohol-fuelled shots in blazing neon hues, are partly to blame. 

But in the hands of Toronto’s top mixologists, jello becomes a thing of beauty.

Which is why you need to get yourself to the third annual Jiggle Ball.

The renowned jello-shot cocktail competition is back on Monday November 26 and it’s bigger and badder than ever. 

Contenders will go head-to-head to create evocative creations that stand out from the dive bar variety, competing for title of “Jiggle Ball Jello-Shot Champion.”

 Esteemed judges are none other than Christina Veira (Jiggle Ball founder), Josh Lindley (renown Toronto bartender and co-founder of, Steva Casey (Birmingham, Alabama), Nick Korn (Boston, Massachusetts), and Tess-Anne Sawyer (bartender, Cocktail Bar/Mahjong Bar). 

You get a say too. Cast your vote and decide which bartender goes home with the “People’s Choice Award.”

Jiggle Ball 2017

Jiggle Ball 2017

In addition to the competition, there’s a Grey Goose-sponsored martini bar, and top Toronto DJs Jayemkayem, Gimmemar, and Eyedolow working their magic.

Unlike many events in the city, you can absolutely afford this one. The $10 door price includes two tickets = two shots. Want more? Additional shots are just $3 each.

The best part? While you’re having a fabulous time, your hard earned cash goes to support a very important cause.

All proceeds from door, bar and raffle sales will be donated to Nellie’s Shelter - a resource for women and children in need of a safe place to stay. Previous years’ events brought in over $18,000 for the shelter.

Elevated Jell-O shots and a chance to do good this holiday season? It doesn’t get much better than that.


Jiggle Ball 2018

Date: Monday, November 26, 2018.

Time: 8 pm-12 am | Cocktail competition begins at 8pm

Venue: Apt 200 (1034 Queen St. W.)

Door Fee: $10 - all proceeds (door, bar, raffle) will be donated to Nellie’s Shelter