Ufficio Restaurant – Brunch Goals

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You wouldn’t know it from most restaurant menus, but there’s more to brunch than pancakes, French toast, over-the-top eggs, and Nutella smothered everything.

Ufficio Restaurant - est. January 2016 - is focusing on more refined fare for their new Sunday repast.

The lush Italian resto on Dundas West just launched a unique brunch that’s in keeping with their philosophy on utilizing local, seasonal, and sustainable products. And much like the dinner menu, offers a range of simple, yet sophisticated housemade pastas, seafood, meat, and plant-based dishes, to please omnivores and vegans alike.

Turn down for brunch 

It’s a rare brunch that sways away from cloyingly sweet eats. Here, it’s dough that’s in full effect.

These aren’t those refined carbs you’re trying to keep at bay, though. Newly opened urban mill and bakery brodflour provides a variety of breads (whole rye & red fife, Heritage challah bun, and “white” baguette) that are stone-milled fresh daily from premium organic Canadian heritage and ancient grains. And a new housemade english muffin made with fresh organic stone-milled prairie hard red flour, has just been added. Carbo-loading has never felt so good.

While there are a a few egg dishes (organic BTW), they don’t dominate the menu like most places. Instead you’ll find healthier, interesting options alongside benedicts with unexpected pairings.

brodflour’s fresh organic stone milled light spelt flour is the foundation for Gnocchi ($23). Plump, nutty dumplings are nestled in with roasted chestnut purée, wild sweet tooth mushrooms, and butter-poached collard greens, for a modern comfort food that was made for cold days like these.

Insalsta D’Ivana ($19) is not your typical bowl of greens, thanks to a fascinating and unique combination of ingredients. The amalgamation of shaved brussel sprouts and king oyster mushrooms, hazelnuts, pickled honey mushrooms, arugula, ricotta salata, and truffle vinaigrette results in a dish that satisfies beyond most salads. And because you can never be too extra at brunch, add shaved black truffles (+$6). 

Work hard, brunch harder

Those looking to start the day with eggs, look no further than Smoked Salmon ($18) or Polpo ($18) Bennies: poached eggs smothered in hollandaise, served atop a housemade English muffin made from brodflour’s fresh organic stone milled prairie hard red, with smoked salmon or grilled octopus, invigorated by romesco and anaheim chilis.

Meat lovers have a choice of local beef dishes: hand cut Ontario beef Tartare ($21) or Steak & Eggs to Share ($62) featuring 18oz grilled Prime Ontario rib eye ($62). 

Easy like Sunday morning

Of course brunch wouldn’t be complete without cocktails.

From refreshing Bellinis ($9-$10) and Beau’s Tagwerk Beer, a Belgian-style witbier with quince ($15/600 ml) to the bourbon-based Dundas West ($15), these tipples ensure a leisurely day to follow.

For those non-imbibing, there’s plenty of coffee, tea, and orange juice (fresh $6, blood orange $6) to accompany your meal.


Enticing dishes that stand out from the crowd in a stunning, minimalist space enveloped in brass and marble?

You fancy yourself a sophisticated person. Get a brunch to match. 

Ufficio Restaurant
1214 Dundas St. W.
(416) 535-8888

Sunday Brunch 11am – 230pm
Tues-Sat 6pm til close