The Feed Vol. 02 – Insects, beer yoga, sexy calamari, and more

The Feed Vol 02.png

These restaurant discoveries may not make the headlines, but they’re fascinating nonetheless.

Check out this month’s unique food and drink news you probably won’t see elsewhere:

1. Downward dog with an IPA in hand? If this sounds like heaven, you’ll love the monthly beer yoga classes at Craft Beer Market.

2. Toronto is teeming with interesting fare. Sometimes the descriptors used are just as compelling. Take Ematei’s Ikageso ($7/8pc) for instance, referred to as “Sexy calamari legs,” on the menu. It gets better. They’re also available Karaage-style , forever known as “crispy fried sexy calamari legs.”

3. Cookie Martinez, the Colombian street food stand at Market 707 (707 Dundas St. W.) by Chef Natalia Martinez currently has cricket empanadas and “Hormigas Culonas” - Colombian Big Ass Ants - on the menu (other critter proteins throughout the year include mealworms and silkworms, depending on availability). Want to know more? Sign up for an upcoming insect tasting. 

4. Creole and Italian food almost never cross over, except on Saturday, March 9th. The fusion dinner in Scarborough will including creole pizza and ravioli stuffed with creole shrimp, topped with with parmesan crisps and red gravy.

5. New company in town lifTOvers, aims to “redistribute consumable food and make it accessible to anyone who needs it,” thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers. How cool is that?! Sign up to volunteer now.


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