Lost, Found & Overheard Vol. 01

Lost Found & Overheard Edition 1 .png

It’s amazing what you come across on a regular day.

Here’s art latest finds:


Receipt from Union Chicken Sherway

I find most found receipts fascinating whether they’re from a record shop, dry cleaner, or grocery store. It can be as revealing as looking through someone’s wallet or fridge.  

Case in point: this li’l beaut I found on the subway going eastbound from Old Mill.

Daniel S. ordered Quinoa, Fries, and a Coke to go. So naturally I have thoughts:

Quinoa and fries is a strange, bold move. One healthy, one so not. One travels well, the other turns frigid as soon as you hit outdoors. Two dishes with very different textures that collide when together. Is it being devoured as two sides, or is quinoa the entree with fries as the accompaniment?

And Coke and fries, I get. Quinoa and coke, through? Gwyneth Paltrow would rip out her B12 IV falling off her chair.


There have been a slew of food and restaurant articles with phenomenal titles this year. But I can’t think of a more original one than The Gary Oldman of Winter Squash by Cirrus Wood for Taste Magazine.

You’ll never look at squash the same again.

You’re welcome.


True stories. I couldn’t make these up if I tried:

  1. “It was a tofu NIGHT-MARE,” a woman to her date.

  2. This gem, “Oh no, we missed all-day breakfast!” was shared at a restaurant famous for their breakfast dishes.


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