Lunch Revolution – Bangkok Buri Jatujak Salad

Bangkok Buri Jatujak Salad Stephanie Dickison.JPG

After a long winter filled with rich creamy comfort foods, it’s time to liven up your taste buds and dig into fresh fare. 

Spring has finally sprung, but it’s still too chilly for light and breezy summery salads. You need something with substance, something to power you through your long workday.

That’s why you need this.


Lunch Revolution #3

Jatujak Salad ($11-$13)

Bangkok Buri

Union Food Court, located at Union Station.

Salads can be such a bore, but this one’s filled with more than just boxed lettuce.  

Nutritionists are always on about “eating the rainbow” – consuming foods of every colour – but when you’re up at the crack of dawn and in the office until dark, it’s lucky if you consume any veggies at all.

But this colourful array of heathy ingredients – ten, to be exact – ensure you get in your greens (nappa cabbage, greens, green beans, broccoli, Thai basil), red (red pepper), orange (lime leaf scented sweet potato), yellow (pineapple dusted with chili, crushed peanuts) and even white (a handful of glass noodles) in one fell swoop, along with your choice of vibrant dressing: peanut sauce, mango ginger, or cilantro lime vinaigrette.

The beauty of this bowl is there’s a ton of crunch, a good balance  of sweet and heat, tropical notes (vacay vibes courtesy of pineapple), and serious bang for your buck (just consider how long it would take you to prep this at home).

You won’t be hungry or sluggish an hour later (a rarity for most food court fare), and it’s not a budget breaker either at $11 (with tofu or chicken or just vegetables; add premium protein shrimp or steak for $2 more). 

There’s a lot to be said for this robust, dynamic Thai dish, but perhaps the best part is the satisfaction of eating a healthy meal on the go without sacrificing flavour.


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