The Feed Vol. 03 – Where to order kangaroo, find unusual vodkas, quiet restaurants, and more


Tired of coverage of the same seven restaurants and their “amazing” dishes? Desire more than incessant, ridiculous top ten lists (“10 Restaurants in Toronto to Satisfy Your Period Cravings?” and no, I’m not making that up). That’s why I created The Feed.

Discover this month’s unique food and drink news you probably won’t see elsewhere:

1. There are multiple types of fountains you’ve probably dreamed of over the years, but I bet this one never crossed your mind. 

2. Vodka, you’ve changed. From ebony-hued to milk-infused iterations, the sudden expansion of alternatives could soon eclipse the classic tater variety.

3. Had it with noisy restaurants? Want to catch up with someone over a drink/meal minus the shouting? You need the ANPL, otherwise known as  Anti-Noise Pollution League.

4.  Have you noticed Argentinean food is on the upswing here in Toronto? From top dinner spots VOS Restaurante Argentino and Tanto to last week’s arrival, Bacan  - with more eateries to launch this year – the cuisine seems here to stay. Especially now that you can buy grass-fed Argentinean beef at Di Liso’s Fine Meats at St. Lawrence Market. 

5. Speaking of beef. Vegans and animal lovers, you might want to skip over this one. Tired of the usual proteins – beef, chicken, pork, and fish? No need to travel afar. Dig into game meats and other exotic fare right here in the 6ix, including:

·      Roasted Buffalo at Nish Dish

·      Kangaroo and nine other varieties of game sausage at WVRST

·      Braised Cow Tongue, Grilled Cow Heart, and Grilled Lamb Testicles at Banu

·      Pork Blood Pasta at Buca King

·      Horse Tenderloin at Buca King and La Palette

·      Frog Legs at Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

·      Shark at Maracas.


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Note: Menu items subject to change.