The Feed Vol. 04 – Cookie Dough Egg Rolls, Strange Brews, Dogs of Contra, And More

The Feed Vol. 04.png

These restaurant discoveries may not make the headlines, but they’re fascinating nonetheless. 

Check out this month’s unique food and drink news you probably won’t see elsewhere:

1. Dining out for a living often appears glamourous, but Noah Cappe, host of Food Network’s Carnival Eats has a unique challenge. Here are just some of the extreme foods he consumes throughout Season 7, debuting tomorrow : Cookie Dough Egg Rolls, gold-infused Leprechaun Mac, Chick ‘N’ Cake funnel cake, Sausage Pizza Corn Hog, Diablo Dog, Supreme Samoa doughnut stack, Hot Wing Grilled Cheese, and Sweet Bacon Devil Burger.

One item on its own? Sure, what a treat. But all this back-to-back? We’re talking F-O-O-D C-O-M-A times a thousand.

2. Speaking of outrageous concoctions, are you here for the food-centric suds that appeared at last month’s Strange Brew Fest? These are not names of food and beer pairings, but the brews themselves: Mac & Cheese Habanero, Smoked Swedish Fish, Steak & Onion Kolsch, Peanut Butter Pickle Pils, Bananas Foster Barleywine, Gumbo Gose, Spicey Meatball, Sushi, and Garlic Bread, for starters.

3. Whether it’s plant-based diets, lab-grown meat, or insect farming, there’s a race to find the best sustainable food system. Researchers at Tufts University say the real future of food is lab-grown insect meat

4. Alfie Zappacosta, - a Juno award-winning singer/songwriter with 80s hits "When I Fall (In Love Again)," “I Think About You,” “Overload” from the ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack – is also the voice of the catchy Pizza Nova jingle, “4-3-9-oh-oh-oh-oh-Pizza Nova” that’s aired on radio for decades.

5. Contra Café, a coffee shop nestled the city’s west end, is a stunner (it was designed by an architect) and home to some of the best baked goods in the city. But one of the best things about it? Their dedicated Insta account for the beloved canines that frequent the cafe with their owners: @dogsofcontracafe.


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