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Giulietta debuted in April 2018, and right out of the gate, it received rave reviews. As a restaurant critic and writer for many years, I’d witnessed this frenzy before – throngs of self-described “foodies” and “experts” extolling the virtues of a new eatery, swearing that it was the best. Rarely do I agree. 

Giulietta however, absolutely lives up to the hype. And then some.

The fortuitous pairing of Chef Rob Rossi (his Bestellen was in this location for five years) and David Minicucci - also partners on L’Unità Enoteca -  culminates in an elevated, exhilarating restaurant experience – from food to wine to service - that you’ll return for as soon as a table’s available.

Provisions & Tipples

While Giulietta is indeed an Italian restaurant, it’s unlike the usual suspects you frequent. Sure, there’s pizza and pasta on the menu, but you won’t find these items at your local haunt:

- Olive all’ Ascolana ($9)
Fried Castelvetrano olives wrapped with sausage
- Trippa alla Romana ($15)
Roman-style braised tripe with tomato, Pecorino, and breadcrumbs
- Fritti Romani ($14)
Fried fior di latte, sage, anchovy, and lemon
- Tonnarelli Cacio E Pepe ($23)
Traditional long Roman pasta with Kampot black pepper & Pecorino
- Cotoletta Di Capone ($29)
Voltigeur Farms capon 'in padella' (pan-fried) served with local greens & giardiniera.

Think authentic Italian fare without the airfare.

And get to know Toni Weber, a somm who hones in on what you desire, without having to utter a word. 

Food Diary

Misticanza Di Bietola ($16)

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to get a mesmerizing salad in restaurants, but it’s a rare thing. This mélange of slightly softened swiss chard, slivers of curled, honey roasted parsnips, raw sunflower seeds, and light dusting of Grana Padano, is downright rapturous. A salad that good? Yessss.

Carne Cruda Al 'Pissala' ($19)

The chunky, rustic beef arrives with such a deep red hue, you’ll swear an Insta flter’s been added. The sumptuous meat mingles with conserva di cipolla (preserved onion) and briny caper-anchovy sauce. Masterful finishing touches: quivering raw hen's egg on top, and elongated slip of Sardinian “Carta di Musica,” a paper-thin yeast-free bread on the side to scoop up Every. Last. Bit.

Girasole Ravioli ($25)

Housemade pastas are made with great care and reverence here, so it’s no surprise that dishes like this - Smoked ricotta enveloped in round packets of tender, plump dough, surrounded in a rich butter sauce crowded with fresh spring peas and guanciale, and finished with a sprinkling of Pecorino Romano - will have you back on the carb wagon in no time.

Polpo E Fagioli ($24)

Toothsome grilled octopus, al dente cannellini beans, and herbaceous salsa verde is a marriage made in heaven - and on College St. near Rusholme. 

Braciola Di Maiale ($42)

A heritage pork chop of Flintstone magnitude arrives covered in toasted fennel seeds, atop a pool of top-notch olive oil, with a fortunella mostarda on the side. The kumquat condiment delivers a sweet, sour tang. Interesting yes, but this rich hunk o’ meat doesn’t need any accoutrements.

Torta Della Nonna ($12)

A refined wildflower honey and pine nut tart with mascarpone cream is the perfect ending. Tip: So is an ounce of Vecchio Amaro del Capo ($9). 


The minimalist, streamlined design by Guido Costantino of Guido Costantino Projects Inc. (you know their work from eateries such as Buca Yorkville, Bar Buca Eglinton, Biscottera Forno Cultura Union Station,) is a mix of metal, concrete and wood – long, slim banquettes on thin legs, covered in soft leather the colour of Beaujolais; LED lights on barely-there curved white rods; blonde wood chairs with thick rope loop backs. You won’t find any paintings, posters or other decorative touches -  when you’ve got such sleek Italian furniture and simple yet extraordinary fare, you don’t need anything else.

The long space has capacity for 90, with various seating options throughout: An intimate grouping of tables in front near the window, and long bar set front-to-middle, across from a glassed-in walk-in with precious produce and products fully on display. Booths and banquettes make up the majority of the middle space. But it’s the chef’s bar in back that’s the place to be. Dinner and a show.


Higher ups

Chef Rob Rossi, David Minicucci


Drop a pin 

972 College St. - Dufferin Grove

Ring, ring


Come on in

Mon-Sat  5:30pm-11pm

Please be seated

The restaurant accommodates 90 guests.