The Reveal – Superfly

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Think you know snack bars? Think again.  

Superfly takes the best components from your favourite haunts –fun and welcoming bar vibe, focused menu featuring elevated dishes (without heavy price tags attached), fab cocktails, cute patio, friendly staff – and brings them all together in one compact, magical space.

Thank Alex Pearce and Zach Pettiford for creating your new favourite hangout. They knew one another from working at the The Drake (is there something in the water?), and while Pettiford went on to Mahjong Bar, and Pearce was at Track & Field for awhile, they wanted to do a place together (Note: Head Chef Geoff Martin worked at Drake Commissary and much of the staff are former Drake employees. There’s def something in the water).

Curtis Mayfield’s 1972 album Super Fly resonated pretty deeply for both, hence the name. They’ve managed to capture that exact vibe, and translate it into a rendezvous that you never want to leave.

Provisions & Tipples

Dishes are anything but ordinary. Think shareable classics with a twist: Steak Tartare ($11), Fried Chicken ($15), Watermelon Salad ($8), and Fennel Chill Lime Dip ($11), for example.  And while the term snack bar is technically correct, it’s a bit of a misnomer. Expect refined French bistro fare on antique plates, just in a cool setting.

Portions aren’t usual snack bar size either. For one person, you need just one or two items, and the menu changes often, so pair different items and explore new flavours on the regular.

Prices too, are incredible. Dishes are just $6-$23 (whole fish MP) – especially considering they’re still managing to make their own potato chips, brioche, and donuts ($3.50 ea., Cinnamon Sugar, Condensed Milk, Brown Butter) all in a micro-sized kitchen.

You’ll want to get in on the very accessible wine list, with everything available by glass ($9-$15) and bottle ($42-$75). Cocktails include crowd pleasers (On tap: Wisky Smash, Margarita $10) and refreshing, sippable, low-ABV wine spritzes ($12-$13). Brews ($7-$16) are hyper local - exclusively Toronto – with the exception of the Corona ($8), because summer.

Food diary

Devilled Eggs ($7 for 2 halves)

The popular hors d'oeuvre of the ‘70s has had a renaissance in recent years, but no one does it better than this crew.  

Double pickled eggs arrive with towering piped yolk mixture on top. Studded with green tomato, cilantro stems, and lacy chichirron, it’s the perfect combo of creamy, crunchy, and spicy.

You’ll order it Every. Single. Time.

Pan Seared Fish ($19)

When’s the last time you had a sophisticated fillet of fish at a snack bar? Char grilled BC Red Snapper arrives in a transformative green goddess beurre blanc that will have you pounding the table in wonder and elation.

You could go somewhere and have a mediocre meal for $80 or come here and have a truly exceptional one for $25.

Grilled Asparagus & Zucchini ($9)

Seared, grilled summery greens shimmy with an electrifying mélange of poblano, celery, dill, and cilantro, finished with hearty dollops of house made ricotta cream.

This is no mere side – it’s a revelation. One you’ll be thinking about weeks later.

Note: Broccoli has since taken the place of asparagus.  


“We changed pretty much everything except plumbing and electrical,” says Pearce.

Since Pettiford is also a contractor, he spearheaded the project, renovations, and built the space. Grey North Design - who specialize in custom spaces from the ground up - helped with the concept. They worked quickly, finishing construction in just two months. 

Wanting to do something more refined and really open the space, the result is a cozy, relaxed and comfortable room boasting intriguing textures, a soothing colour palette, and great view of the minute kitchen.

Despite having one of the smallest kitchens in the city, they moved the dish pit in from the back, in so that they could use the space for a private dining room.

Adding a wrap-around feature to the bar not only upped their seating by five, but coordinates with the soft curvature found throughout the space. The bar’s shelves are illuminated by scalloped LED lighting, while the base is covered in wood ‘scales’ painted in an array of dusty pastels. 

The visual interest continues on the ceiling (tiles by artist/graphic designer Rachel Sack recreate a ‘disco floor’ feel), and outside - the iconic mural on the side, and can’t-miss cross sign leftover from Electric Mud. Painted with the bar’s name by a local on one side, in a fantastical twist the ‘B’ and ‘Q’ in the BAR-B-Q neon lettering on the other side just stopped lighting up one day.

Some things are just meant to be.


Higher ups
Alex Pearce, Zach Pettiford

In the kitchen
Head Chef Geoff Martin


Drop a pin
5 Brock Ave.

Ring, ring

Come on in
Monday, Wed, Thurs: 6pm-12am
Fri-Sun: 3pm-2am  

Please be seated
Superfly accommodates 24 guests, with room for 35 on the front patio. The private dining room seats 10.

Note: Reservations are available for parties of six or more.