Metro - Go Fish!

While fresh fish and seafood is enjoyed year round, this lighter fare is ideal during the summer months. And since it’s still warm out, dine outside in the fresh outdoors! 

Here are some great dishes to try this week:

Fish tacos are a popular dish on food trucks these days, but save yourself the lineup by making these Fish Tacos and Strawberry Salsa beauties at home. They’re sure to be a hit with the entire family.

Tacos just aren’t the same unless they’ve got guacamole though. This recipe has a nice citrus zing, thanks to Selection Lemon Juice.

Looking for something a little more decadent? Tarragon Lobster Tails ought to do it. And Shrimp Cocktail never goes out of style.

Tired of plain grilled fish fillets? Fish sausages can be a welcome change. This Fish Sausage on Ciabatta recipe takes just minutes to prepare.

Salmon is a popular choice during BBQ season and it’s so rich in vitamins and minerals – you can’t go wrong. On sweltering days, serve it cold with this simple Salmon Tartar recipe  or this fun salmon-on-a-stick dish, where smoked salmon gets rolled around a pretzel rod. Craving something on the grill? Homemade Salmon Burgers are as satisfying as their meat counterparts.

The options really are endless, so keep trying new things. As the saying goes, there’s plenty more fish in the sea!