Where to celebrate Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year is quickly approaching. On Monday, February 8th, families and friends will gather to celebrate the momentous occasion.

To bring forth good fortune, wealth, happiness and prosperity, certain foods are highlighted at this time of year, such as abalone (sea snail) for good fortune, uncut noodles for a long life, citrus fruit such as tangerines, oranges and pomelos for wealth and good fortune, and Chinese cabbage for prosperity and luck.

Here are 10 fabulous Toronto Chinese restaurants and fun suggestions for celebrating Chinese New Year 2016 - Year of the Monkey:

Asian Legend Restaurant

418 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON 

Asian Legend specializes in traditional Northern dim sum and stir fries.

They have eight locations, with one in downtown Toronto on Dundas West in Chinatown.

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine

69 Yorkville Ave
Toronto, ON

This light-filled, modern Chinese restaurant in Yorkville is well known for its dim sum and specialty dishes.

Duck is symbolic of fertility, so tuck into their Peking Duck, served in two courses:
First Course:
Crispy skin of duck wrapped in steamed crepe with chef's sauce and chives.

Second Course:
Crystal rainbow fold with duck meat (lettuce wrap).

Lettuce is also said to bring prosperity and if used in a wrap, to help bring forth a baby.

King's Noodle House

296 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON

King's Noodle House is favourite of Toronto chefs and food-lovers alike.

It's no wonder. Whether you're digging into their famous roast pork, steamed dry noodles, fried noodles or shrimp with lobster sauce, you'll soon return for more.

Kwan Dim Sum & Chinese Cuisine

1496 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON

Your luck is about to change with dishes from Kwan:

- Spring rolls are said to resemble gold bars, thus bringing wealth. Here, Kwan fills them with mixed mushrooms and truffle.

- Pumpkin means so many good things including abundance and prosperity, so order the Seafood Pumpkin Soup.

Lai Wah Heen

108 Chestnut St.
Toronto, ON

If you’re looking for a higher-end experience, Lai Wah Heen at the Metropolitan Hotel server fine dim sum and other Chinese selections in a sophisticated setting.

Magic Noodle

93 Harbord St
Toronto, ON

Long, uncut noodles symbolize a long life, so dig into a dish of freshly made hand-pulled noodles at Magic Noodle's new location on Harbord.

Select your width of noodle (from silk string, the thinnest variety, to the extreme broad noodle, curtain) and have them in soup, stir-fried or sauced.

Mother's Dumplings - Danforth

804 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON

Dumplings are a big part of Chinese New Year. Often eaten on New Year’s Eve, they are said to bring wealth and fortune.

Mother’s Dumplings delicious housemade dumplings come boiled, steamed and pan-fried, with a host of both meat and vegetarian fillings. 

A selection of noodles, bun and other dishes are also available.

New Ho King Restaurant

410 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON

New Ho King has been bustling for over 30 years.

This well-known Chinese restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes and is open very late - until 4am during the week and until 5am Fridays and Saturdays.

Pearl Court Restaurant

633 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON

Located in Chinatown East on Gerrard, Pearl Court’s authentic Cantonese dishes and traditional dim sum have been long-time favourites of Toronto diners.

And there are two floors to handle the crowds.

Pearl Harbourfront Restaurant

207 Queens Quay W
Toronto, ON

Over a vast space, Pearl Harbourfront has a magnificent view of Toronto’s waterfront. That combined with their house specialties and dim sum, makes it a meal to remember.