The Arrival - Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods

Another healthy restaurant is always a good thing. But when Tractor Foods debuted, it came during a flurry of new salad, soup, and sando eateries - all outfitted with avo toast, smoothie bowls and other attention-getting insta-foods. Lumped into the bunch, Tractor was easy to overlook.

But missing out on this gem would be a mistake. because not only are they serving up fresh local and seasonal ingredients, it’s some of the most flavourful fare in the downtown core.

And the fact that it’s super healthy and won’t cost you an arm and leg? An added bonus. 


The family-owned Canadian company started out just a few years ago - 2013 - in Vancouver, B.C. 

In addition to the new Toronto location, there are five west coast eateries, all featuring an open-concept kitchen with fresh and healthy prepared items on display.


The menu consists of fresh breakfast items, salads, sandwiches, bowls, soups and stews, proteins and grills, market sides, and snacks. 

Meals are completely customizable, so whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, gluten- or dairy-free, there’s something for everyone.

Dining in? Order at the counter and dine in the spacious, modern cafeteria setting with large windows - ideal for people watching.

On the go? Order your meal for pick up via their dedicated app. 


There are some big standouts here that separate it from other health chains: 

1. Prices are much more affordable for such healthy fare.

The most expensive item is the Salmon Bowl ($15.50), which for wild Ocean Wise fish isn’t outrageous. Made-from-scratch soups are $6.50, housemade stews are $8.50, and nut-free Zucchini Carrot Loaf is $3.50 a slice, so you can come out with lunch for $10 or less.

2. Proteins are cooked to order.

The seared tuna was both exceptional quality for the price and expertly cooked. And don’t worry - there’s veggie options too : Grilled Avocado Half ($3) with salt, pepper, evoo + lemon; Organic Tofu ($3) marinated in a chili lime sauce.

3. The fresh market sides are some of the best in the city.

And it gets better. The wide variety (currently 10 cold, 4 hot) means there’s little chance of getting into a rut, even if you dine here on the regular. New items are added seasonally, so there’s always something new to look forward to. Don’t like change? Choose from their classics. And at just $3.50, there’s no chance of breaking the bank dining out this week. 

4. They’ve put thought into the drinks too. 

The majority of healthy fast casual spots have little in the way of options when it comes to drinks. Not here. The proof? Drip coffee ($2.50/$3) made with 49th Parallel French Roast. Chai, Matcha and Turmeric Lattes ($4/$4.50). Lavender Kombucha ($5) on tap. Cold-pressed juices that aren’t from the usual suspects. And local wine by the ounce and beer on tap, in can and bottle.

Off the Menu 

Seared Albacore Tuna Bowl ($14.50) and Grilled Chicken Breast Bowl ($14.50) 

To make a bowl really exciting, ingredients have to be top-notch and well-executed so that flavours and textures combine and compliment one another. Tractor gets that. 

Bowls here come with your choice of power greens (baby chard, lettuce and baby kale, topped with white balsamic vinaigrette) and/or brown rice and two market sides. Perfectly seared tuna and grilled chicken paired with market sides (hot and cold selections available) is a hearty meal on its own. Add in the greens and/or rice, and you’ve got a sizable portion that guarantees you won’t have to step out for a “real” meal later.

Mushroom Ditalini Side ($3.50)

Just one of the outstanding ‘Cold Market Sides’ to choose from. Elevated ingredients - Wild mushrooms! Truffled ricotta cheese! –alongside teeny tubular pasta, cannellini beans, and fresh herbs, is such a winning combination, you’ll wonder how you got this far without it. 

Curried Cauliflower Side ($3.50) 

Cauliflower can be truly great if prepared with skill. This medley of roasted cauliflower, red potato, red pickled onion, cilantro, mint, and toasted coconut, tossed in a light curry yogurt dressing will have you looking forward to having cauliflower again.

Lemon Kale Side ($3.50)

Kale, like cauliflower, is easy to tire of if you’re not creative with it. Here, boosted by radicchio, bortlotti beans, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, asiago, and softened slightly by a vibrant white balsamic vinaigrette, the result is a balanced sweet, savoury, crunchy salad that satisfies. 


Tractor Foods

151 Yonge St.

(647) 417-0552

Hours: Daily 7am-9:30pm 

Offers dine in and take out.