Elevated Zero-Proof Cocktails by Toronto’s Top Mixologists

Whether you’re simply in the mood for non-alcoholic sippers after the holidays or you’re taking part of Dry January (or Dry February for that matter), zero-proof cocktails are in order. 

But they’d better be good. You’re a sophisticated person after all, so you require a sophisticated drink – something more enticing, more creative than run-of-the-mill cranberry juice and soda, thanks.

It turns out Toronto’s top mixologists agree. They’ve come up with alluring, booze-free concoctions that stand up to any libation in terms of complexity, body, balance and taste.

Whether ordering one at the bar or whipping them up at home, these cocktails are far from mock anything.

Take a look:

The Shameful Tiki Room | Sip Sip Safari

Alana Nogueda, co-owner The Shameful Tiki Room (1378 Queen St. W.), created Sip Sip Safari ($6), a Polynesian-inspired refresher that delivers serious summer feels no matter what the temp outside.

 A harmonious blend of fresh pressed grapefruit juice, lemon juice, house made coconut cream, and passion fruit syrup, is finished with a fun, frothy house made grenadine float.

PrettyUgly Bar | Thoughts

Evelyn Chick, Bar Manager of PrettyUgly Bar (1237 Queen St. W.) shares one their “tall, fresh, funky, savoury and sweet cocktails” found on the ‘Placebo’ (read: non-alcoholic) menu.

Thoughts ($9 incl taxes) is crafted with Seedlip Spice 94 non alcoholic distillate; apple, celery and coriander cordial made in-house; and local Verjus from Featherstone Winery.

Shaken, served tall and topped with Perrier and celery curls, it’s refinement in a glass.

The Martini Club | HEY, 19

A fruity and floral infusion is just what you need this winter.

Laura Panter and Michelle Hunt, co-founders of The Martini Club - a virtual, mobile and fully adaptable consultancy – have been creating cocktails since 1996. This season, their HEY, 19 - a refreshing blend of white cranberry juice with orange flower water, crushed strawberries and chilled rosehip tea, with sliced orange and strawberry garnish - makes teetotaling tolerable.

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add 1 frozen (thawed) strawberry, 2 oz. Ocean Spray white cranberry juice, 2 oz. chilled rosehip tea, 1-2 tsp. orange flower water. Shake hard and fine strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a sliced strawberry, and orange slices.

Pinkerton’s Snack Bar | Garden Grove

One of the city’s best bars -  Pinkerton’s Snack Bar (1026 Gerrard St. E.) - recently added Garden Grove ($8) to the menu.  

Created collectively by Marc Baglio, Angus Myles and Orion Berge, the blend of Seedlip Grove 42, freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice, and Fee Brothers Orange and Plum Bitters, results in an invigorating and deeply satisfying drink. Who needs the hard stuff when you’ve got this beaut at your side? 

Bonus: Since many bitters are made with alcohol, the team chose blends without a stitch of intoxicants.

Seedlip | Spice Toddy

Seedlip, the world's first non-alcoholic spirits, debuted November 2015 in the U.K, and has been dominating alcohol-free cocktails around the globe ever since. It’s center stage in many here in Toronto, as evidenced above.

Their three sprits are unique and distinct:

Spice 94 | Rich, aromatic blend of spices, peels and barks. 
Garden 108 | Bright and herbaceous featuring peas and garden herbs.
Grove 42 | The newest addition is a complex, zesty blend of citrus and fragrant spices. 

There are 100 non-alcoholic recipes in their new cocktail book, which features Seedlip originals, as well as guest cocktails from the world’s best bars. You’ll find everything from Milk Punch to a ‘Nogroni’ to satisfy your craving for a fabulous drink - without any nasty side effects. 

Their popular Spice Toddy is guaranteed to ease the chill of winter. 

Seedlip Spice 94   50ml | 2oz
Lemon juice  15ml | 0.5oz
Manuka honey  15ml | 0.5oz
Hot water  Top
Lemon Slice  Garnish

Glass & Garnish 
Glass Mug


Seedlip cocktails can be found at many fine Toronto bars and restaurants including: Bar Raval, Blue Blood Steakhouse, Canoe, d|bar, The Drake Hotel, Fairmont Royal York, and Momofuku Kōjin.